50 Years Recorder Ensemble Praetorius (2014)

This book contains a comprehensive history of the ensemble also a biography of Piet art and a very thorough list of all performances and music of Praetorius 50 years.
The book is richly illustrated with photographs and posters.

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The Four Elements (1999)

The four elements are represented by arrangements of
known baroque compositions but also includes original pieces which were written for Praetorius.

  • Air: "Trappen in de Lucht" of Matthias Maute.

  • Water: "Water Music"and "Music for the Royal Fireworks" of Georg Friedrich Händel and "The Water-Call" of Willem Wander van Nieuwkerk.

  • Fire: "Suzko Erroberak" of Wilfred J. Reneman.

  • Earth: "Juego de Galilei of Paul T. Leenhouts.

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Byrd tot Badings (1994)

The CD From Byrd to Badings was recorded in 1994.
The CD contains works from the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries (Byrd) until the twentieth century (till Badings).
Besides the two "Fantazias" by William Byrd (1543-1623) and the "Quartet III" by Henk Badings (1907-1985) the CD includes among other things dances from Michael Praetorius (1571-1621) and "Suite on Irish melodies" of Albert de Klerk (born 1917).

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Music for recorders (1980)

This LP was once the first solo LP by Praetorius. The
LP includes works of Bela Bratok, Hans-Georg Lotz, Victor Fortin, Glaude Gervalse, George Friedrich Handel and Gionanni Maie Bonincini

This LP is sold out