On this page you will find a short overview of the history of the Dutch Recorder Orchestra Praetorius.

  • Short history:
    Piet Kunst was a recorder teacher at the music school in Leiden, The Netherlands, when he founded the Dutch Recorder Orchestra Praetorius in 1963. At that time, he thought it very important that eight of his most advanced students be given the opportunity to develop their ensemble skills. Continue

  • Successes:
    On the occasion of their 35th anniversary, the Dutch Recorder Orchestra Praetorius completed a grand jubilee project around the classical theme of the Four Elements (air, water, fire and earth). Continue

  • Tour USA and Canada:
    From 18 october to 2 november 2002, the Dutch Recorder Orchestra Praetorius has visited the US and Canada to perform "The Four Elements". During the trip, concerts have been given in Washington, Boston, Montréal and New York. Continue